Setting up your pedometer

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Q:   How do I measure my stride length?

Walk ten steps (to get an average stride and settle into a normal stride). Measure the entire distance from heel to heel in inches (or cms). One easy way to do this is to carry a pen and drop it behind your heel when you stop. Divide the total inches by ten to get your average stride length.

Q:   My pedometer adds steps to my count. Why?

The OneTweak pedometer uses highly sensitive MEMS capacitance technology. Any type of jostling or jerking motion outside of regular walking can be interpreted as steps. For example, throwing it in your pocket can add 30% to your step count. Stabilize your pedometer by clipping it to your clothing.

Q:   My clip does not stay on. Why?

The clip was not designed to clip onto a wider belt, especially if it is smooth leather or vinyl. The clip is short to make it less obtrusive if one wants to wear it on a waistband. If it is too short to fit all the way around your belt, clip it to your pocket facing inward. Then secure it by looping the attached lanyard around your belt.

Q:   Why does my pedometer not reset at midnight; it resets at noon?

Time may be set incorrectly. If you are in the 12 hr time format, be sure the AM/PM of hour is correct. Note that “PM” displays, but “AM” does not.

Q:   My pedometer doesn’t count all my steps when I begin walking. Why?

Only “exercise steps” are counted. Short duration walking is ignored. After 8 steps, the “exercise steps” counting is turned on. Count will include the first 8 steps and continue counting until walking stops.

Q:   What is the difference between 12 hour time format and 24 hour time format?

12 hr time is the AM/PM time normally used in the US. 24 hr time is military time which runs from  0000 hours to 23:59 hours.

Q:   How do I test my pedometer’s accuracy?

Perform the watch ‘n walk test. Hold your pedometer in your hand and walk a hundred steps or more while looking at your pedometer advances one step count for each step you walk. This is the best and easiest test of accuracy. Be careful you don’t walk into something, though.

Q:   Will my pedometer work if I wear it like a necklace?

Yes! However, make sure that it is not flopping/bouncing arounds as this can add steps to the count. Stabilize it by clipping it to your shirt.

Q:   How do I set AM and PM on the display?

AM does not show up. If you do not see PM, then it is presumed to be AM. If you are setting up your pedometer between noon and midnight, simply press the mode or reset button until the flashing hour has the correct time with a PM to the left of the hour.

Q:   Do I need my stride length to get an accurate step count?

No. Stride length measurement does not affect the step count. It IS extremely important for an accurate distance measurement because the pedometer calibrates distance by multiplying the number of steps X the stride length.

Q:   I can’t set my seconds; they do not stop flashing during setup. Why?

The seconds are always changing even after they have been set. This is not the same as flashing during setup when BOTH digits flash. During setup, when both digits are flashing, simply hit the SET button and the seconds will  be set. Then you will advance to the hour for setup.

Q:   My pedometer does not measure distance accurately. Why/

IF your watch ‘n walk test shows your pedometer to be accurate (OneTweak pedometers consistently rate as highly accurate)  BUT your distance measure is not, this indicates that either your stride length measure is inaccurate OR your stride itself is inconsistent. The latter happens due to terrain issues, weather (snow or rain, etc.), obstacles on the path, energy levels, distraction, etc.

Q:   My pedometer times out of adjust while I am deciding whether to hit MODE or RESET to change a value. Help?

Do not worry about whether to hit MODE or RESET to change values because the adjust cycle will time out.  Think of a TV controller; if you press the wrong volume/channel button, you automatically switch to the other button immediately.  Do this with the MODE and RESET buttons.

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