OneTweak Partners: Fitness, Health, and Beauty Resources



Balance Me Beautiful Can you walk toward “lovely”? Just ask Balance me Beautiful, a blog devoted to the mission of helping readers “walk” toward a balanced, healthy and beautiful life. They’ve “curated” the internet for the best and most recent articles so you don’t have to spend hours on the web culling through junk to find the gems. After all, the goal is to reduce your sittin’-down time, not add to it!  Do you want to lose weight by walking or get your yoga on?     Find flattering yoga apparel to match your inner beauty? Traipse through Balance me Beautiful’s blog and find gems aplenty. You’ll be glad you did.

Fit&Me has a compelling story that starts in the personal trainer trenches where they realized that folks had difficulty finding fitness gear that matched their needs. Their team of “devoted” personal trainers  realized the extreme importance of  physical health for spirit and mind. They strive to “empower people through teaching them.” And, they want them to find joy and fun in the process. Fit&Me provides an impressive array of fitness product info, training techniques, and fitness fundamentals to help you get in the “best shape of your life!”



Finding reliable information in our info-age taxes even the most experienced researchers and committed life-style experts. Health Ambition tackles the research so that its readers can focus on simply “living” healthy. They separate myths from facts so you can focus on doing what works. Their team breaks down all the complex health advice to provide  comprehensive, updated and trustable sources for readers. OneTweak pedometer customers often ask, “Can you lose weight by walking?” Well, just ask Health Ambition.


The Fit Bay & Monica’s Health Magazine Scholarship

​​The Fit Bay provides a wealth of resources geared toward 1] fitness and bodybuilding, 2] the body, 3] vitamins/minerals, 4] health/medical,5] herbals, 6] food,7] beauty, and 8] equipment. One thing truly sets Fit Bay apart from other sites. They offer two Monica’s Health Magazine scholarships each year to help with the growth and education of the recipients. The scholarships aim toward making them healthier more productive contributing members of society. Kudos with high-five chasers to Fit Bay for putting their money where their mouth is!


Positive Health and Wellness

Positive Health and Wellness describes their site as being “for those of us who look for the information they need to live a more positive, healthier and happier life.” Their site is chock-full of informed advice on diet, nutrition, and fitness. They tackle healthy ways to relieve pain, offer tips on beauty and aging, and  showcases yummy recipes to take readers toward a healthier more “beautiful” life. The info-graphics section organizes information in a readily digestible fashion for visual learners and those who want to absorb information at a glance.