Can You Lose Weight By Walking?

chubby-guy-jogsWalking benefits us in so many diverse ways that weight loss often gets lost in the mix. Yet, weight loss matters. To some, it’s the prime motivation to walk — at least, in the beginning. So, CAN you lose weight by walking? Is it an effective method? Helen Sanders, chief editor at Health Ambition, has the answers in this informative well-written article. She also explains the fundamentals of walking for weight loss and how to best implement a walking program. “Humans were made to move,” she notes, “although it’s easy to forget that as we’ve progressed from hunter-gatherers to working desk jobs and commuting by car from door to door.” Walking works wonderfully BECAUSE it is so basic and organic; its benefits intertwine in a wondrous synergy. One walks to feel better. One feels better so one walks. OneTweak CEO, Jan Brauner, goes one step further: “I don’t think it is hyperbole to say that a pedometer can be life-changing IF it gets one to walk more.” Helen Sanders would no doubt agree. Read more.